B.A Hons Coaching In Jaipur

Neev Economics Classes is one of the best B.A Hons Coaching In Jaipur. There be four paper of economics each paper shall consist of three parts. Part A shell coronal question No 1 consisting of very short type x (Ten) question. The landless is requires to answer each question in 20 words. Part B shall contain question to 2 consisting of V (five) question. The candidate is required to answer each question 100 word. Part C shall contain three essay type questions (one from each section) with choice.

candidate will be required to attempt five question in all. All question of part A and B are compulsory while rest 3 question are to be attempted from parts C selecting a question from each section. All questions carry equal marks.

(1) Microeconomics theory

(2) Mathematical methods for economics

(3) History of economic thought

(4) Indian economy

Best Economics Coaching In Jaipur